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  • Seven different species of turtle can be found right here in Mexico, where they live and nest.
  • Help protect the miracle of life by seeing that they get to the ocean safely.
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About Turtle Night Watch

Discover Xpu-Ha Bay and learn about the journey these turtle’s have been making for over a millennia.

Due to environmental damage, more and more of the world's sea turtles are becoming critically endangered. 7 different species of turtle can be found right here in Mexico, where they live and nest. 

In Quintana Roo four different species of turtle choose our gorgeous beaches to lay their eggs. The most common species to nest in the region are the loggerhead and the green sea turtles.


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Discover the hidden life under the moonlight.

This eco-tour was born and inspired out of the love of nature and wildlife, it is an absolute priority that every member of the team is either an expert or a professional (marine biologists and certified guides) who is qualified to deliver a fun and safe experience, without exploiting natural environment.


Begin the tour by arriving at Xpu-Hay Bay 21.15 pm at night. When you meet your guide he or she will greet you and give you a fascinating explanation of the sea turtle project along with some instructions and plan of action for the evening. Once you've had a chance to soak up all the information you will join the staff on the beach as they patrol Xpu-Ha Bay; the stretch of sand where natures miracle of life unfolds. 

Scour the sands in search of turtles, if you are lucky enough to find one watch in awe as you witness the turtle making the nest, delivering the eggs, covering the nest back up and returning to the sea. 

Truly, a once in a lifetime opportunity!

It takes 60 days for mother nature to work her magic. After this time the baby turtles are born! You may even get the chance to observe turtles hatch from their eggs and fight their way into the ocean for the first time (not guaranteed, but definitely a possibility). Simply partaking on this tour and helping to patrol these sands makes a huge difference in the preservation of these wondrous creatures.

You can leave feeling amazing about your efforts to help protect the wildlife in this area. 

These tours run for approximately 3-4 hours. Estimated returning time 00:30 am.

Turtle sighting not guaranteed. But even if you don’t see turtles, rest assured that strolling this incredible area under the moonlight will be well worth your while.

The project entails: 

You will survey the beach to find nesting turtles and help protect them from illegal extraction and predators. 

  • You will help by relocating eggs or building new nests to put eggs in.
  • Monitoring nests and the baby turtles that are found inside.
  • You will collect biometric data on the beach that will help with different studies and research efforts.
  • Help the baby turtles to reach the ocean safely.
  • Nest excavation (exhumations). 
  • Maintenance of the beach area and camp facilities. 

The season runs from June - September.

Tour runs on Monday's and Wednesday's and is an evening event lasting 3-4 hours. 

Approximately returning at 00.30 am. 



Hints and Tips
Things you need:
  • Bring dark clothes, long sleeve t-shirt, pants, and closed toe shoes.
  • Only wear biodegradable bug repellent.
  • Required Dock Fee - Bring $5 per person (national park tax)

Kids can partake in this tour just please be aware of the late finish as you won't be getting back to your hotel or resort till 00.30 - 1.00 am.


This tour takes places on a beach so is easily accessible, however, mobility on the sand may be an issue. Please discuss in greater detail at the time of booking.



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